Hello. I’m Tim. 

I’m working as a consultant for Senacor Technologies; currently, I’m deployed as a business analyst at a large bank in Germany.

Before that, I was writing as an editorial staff intern for “Sterne und Weltraum” and spektrum.de.

I gained a PhD in physics from Heidelberg University in 2018 for my work on the effect of intrinsic galaxy alignments on surveys of cosmic weak gravitational lensing. Catchy, huh?
I’m was member of the physics graduate schools HGSFP and IMPRS and I was working at Astronomisches Recheninstitut, which is part of the Centre for Astronomy at Heidelberg University.

I’ve also co-written a university textbook with two other physicists for physics as a minor subject, as taken by students of medicine, natural sciences, pharmacy, etc., published by Springer publishing.

Apart from physics I’m interested in politics, technology, history, music, comedy, and games/sports.

I’m a member of the SPD (German labour) party, and am acting as chairman of the local party chapter in Heidelberg-Neuenheim, as well as being a delegate to the regional Heidelberg SPD conference. I’m also running for city council on the SPD list in 2019.
My favourite subjects to discuss in politics are digital age policies, research/educational policy, foreign and security policy, and economic and financial policy.

I’m furthermore a student of Esperanto, as I find the idea of a neutral global auxiliary language to be a very practical and commendable idea.